Cleaning and Maintenance

We advise that all new surfaces are swept to remove any access stone within the first week of installation. Sweeping should be by hand or by mechanical sweeper.

In the second month it is advisable to mechanically sweep all pedestrian and parking areas to remove any excess stone.

Maintenance is essential as little or no loose aggregate should be left on the surface as this could result in the bonded stone splitting and moving its way out of the resin bond. Please take care of your new Resin product.

General Cleaning

Oil, dirt or other common stains should be removed by applying a household detergent or similar degreaser.

Apply neat to the surface using a stiff brush and allow to penetrate for 10-15 minutes, all areas should then be pressure washed or hosed down with clean water as required.

For heavier stains high quality cleaners are available from your local DIY store accompanied by a high pressure washer or hose.

Please note: Mechanical sweepers using metal bristles must not be used at any time.


Any moss or weed growth that occurs should be treated using an appropriate herbicide.

Any ingrained algal growth can be removed and the colour of the original surface restored by applying a strong bleach solution.

The bleach solution however should be applied in accordance with manufacturers guidelines and local environmental constraints. After application with the bleach the surface must be rinsed well with clean water.

Please note: Staining may occur from tanning if surfaces are not kept clean from leaf debris, conkers etc.

Surface Protector

To prevent staining of treated surfaces by oil, drinks etc, a good quality surface protector should be applied.

If you require any advice on which of the cleaning and maintenance products are the very best, just ask our Team.

Routine Maintenance

The surface should be regularly swept clean, removing leaves and detritus material in order to prevent moss growth. If the surface has been contaminated with chewing gum it is best removed by freezing and chipping off as necessary.

Normal/Abnormal Use

The surface has been designed for normal pedestrian and vehicular traffic use, therefore protection should be provided wherever possible against abnormal usage.

Abnormal usage applies to heavy objects such as skips, these should not be dragged across the surface, the must be protected in this instance to avoid any impact damage, staining etc.

Light coloured Blends may show tyre marks, removal by pressure washing as detailed below may be required.

General Cleaning

General cleaning of the surface can be carried out by cold pressure washing up to a maximum 150 bar rating to remove dirt and grime.

The water should be applied using a fan type lance which should be kept 200mm above the installed surface. Care should be taken however to prevent damage to the surface with excessive water pressure.

If the surface is contaminated with any cement or concrete marks these can be removed using dilute hydrochloric acid or a proprietary cement remover. In all cases we recommend that a small area is carried out first to confirm suitability.

Please note: Oil stains should be removed as soon as possible, use a mild detergent as required to prevent possible staining.

Damage Repair

Should the surface be damaged small repair kits are available from your local aggregate supplier and we would suggest that these are carried out at the earliest convenience.